Whether you are looking to Buy or Sell Horse Property, Residential, Land or Recreational Property, I can help you!

Selling Your Land?

Selling your land requires understanding the value of your property.  Value is the combination of Features, Upgrades, Condition and Location in relation to other compariable land on the market.  Together we assess the pros and cons to determine how to maximize the pros and improve on the cons.

We next discuss your priorities - Desired Sale Price, Time on the Market, Stress of Being on Market.  Arriving at a List Price is your decision but my role is to give you the facts you need to make an informed decision.  

Then marketing your land is more than just putting information in the MLS!!  First and foremost is the professional presentation of your property so we can tell a story to buyers.  That means high quality photos and with larger acreage, aerial drone videos.   Then my goal is to get your land in front of as many potential buyers are possible which means going to where they may be looking.  I utilize a variety of paid websites, social media, sponsorships, events and other tools to find the best exposure.  Essentially, I am making your a loan for the marketing of your land, providing my expertise and investing my time that won't get paid until I get the job done! 

We only have one FIRST day on the market and we have to get it right....

Price, Promotion, Packaging

Looking for that Perfect Property?

Searching for that perfect property is filled with hope and anticipation.  You look on the internet and find the perfect property, only to go look at something that did not remotely resemble what was advertised!  Home shopping is stressful and it is important to have someone who can do the digging for you. 

We start by discussing your optimal property - desired use, building sites, views, acreage, schools. budget, location, etc. Then my job is to go screen what is out there to show you what is available within your criteria.  Many times that means having to patient until it comes on the market or having to change your criteria if time does not allow for that patience. 

Once we find that land, my job is to then guide you though the negotiations, inspections, appraisals and multitude of details that go into buying land.  

To me, this is not just a job.  This is about serving others with the passon, skills, expertise and talent that I have.  30 years of corporate exectutive leadership has trained me well to be successful in real estate.  This is about relationships, not just a transaction.  This is about customer service, not numbers.  

This is about being successful as a team.