A Pantry for Horses In Need

Throughout my travels working with wonderful folks to buy and sell property, I noticed that often there would be unwanted items left behind or I would be asked to take care of disposing.  Hay. Grain. Shaving. Halters. Blankets. Tack.  It might not be a lot but what if we could combine a little from each property to make a lot?  What if folks had a place to donate their unwanted items from the moving process where those items would be given to others in need?  Or even if not moving, what if folks just had unwanted items and didn't know where they could donate them?  

Our mission is to bring together unwanted horse related items and provide them to horses in need.

A Place to Turn....

Welcome to Helping Horses Foundation!  We are a pantry resource for horses in need.  Fire, storms, job loss, illness or any other situation that leaves a horse owner needing a little help to care for their horses. 





Horses Are More than a Hobby

We are a registered Kansas non-profit

and 501c(3) approved!